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High Cost Effective Micro Silica Fume For Civil Engineering / Highway Construction

High Cost Effective Micro Silica Fume For Civil Engineering / Highway Construction

High Cost Effective Micro Silica Fume For Civil Engineering / Highway Construction
  • High Cost Effective Micro Silica Fume For Civil Engineering / Highway Construction
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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Jinjunxuan International
Model Number: RZ90
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 20MTS
Price: US$220-400/MT FOB Qingdao
Packaging Details: 25 kgs in plastic bag, 40 bags/Pallet
Delivery Time: 20days
Payment Terms: Western Union, L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 5,000-10,000 Mts Per Year
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Detailed Product Description
SI02 %: 85-95 AL2O3 %: 1.0-1.5
FE2O3 %: 1.0-2.0 C %: 1.0-2.5
PH Index: 4.0-8.5 Pozzolanic Activity Index: 85
Specific Surface Area: 15
High Light:

micro silica uses in concrete


agglomerated silica fume

High cost-effective Micro Silica Fume for Refractory or Concrete raw material



What is micro silica fume?

Micro silica powder is also called silica fume or agglomerated silica fume. When ferroalloy is smelting ferrosilicon and industrial silicon (silicon metal), a large number of highly volatile SiO2 and Si gases are produced in the submerged arc furnace. After the gas is discharged, it is oxidized, condensed and precipitated with air rapidly. It is a by-product of large-scale industrial smelting. The whole process needs to be recycled with dust removal and environmental protection equipment, because the density is small, it also needs to be densified with equipment.


The physica &chemical index

High Cost Effective Micro Silica Fume For Civil Engineering / Highway Construction 0

Application of micro silica fume


 (1). Application in engineering construction

a. water conservancy and Hydropower Engineering

b. civil engineering

c. highway construction

d. port, bridge and salt water engineering

e. shotcrete Engineering


(2). Advantages compare with traditional refractories:

a. There are many pores in traditional refractories, and micro silica powder is filled in the pores, which improves the volume density and

With the decrease of porosity, the strength can be enhanced obviously.

b. Micro silica powder has strong activity, can form colloidal particles in water, and can increase strong fluidity to improve pouring performance.

c. Micro silica powder is easy to form a Si-OH group in water, which has strong hydrophilicity and activity, and can enhance the resistance.The agglomeration of fire-resistant materials can greatly improve the high-temperature performance and prolong the service life of refractory products service life.


(3) Applications as refractory are as follows:

(a) Replacing pure aluminum oxide mud as refractories

(b) As an additive, it can produce irregular refractory products and greatly improve its strength and high temperature performance

(c) It is used as an integral casting and coagulant for steel drum.

(d) Adhesives, binders, accelerators and additives for other refractory products


(4). Other uses of micro silica powder:


(a) Cement industry: after adding micro silica powder to cement, the performance is improved, and the quality and grade are greatly improved .


(b) rubber industry: after adding a certain amount of micro silica powder, the rubber has a lot of extensability, tear resistance and aging resistance.

The rubber also has good dielectric property and low water absorption capacity


(c) As anti caking agent: instead of mica or diatomite as raw material to prevent fertilizer particles from caking.


(d) . as pellet binder: micro silica powder has large specific surface area and strong adsorption, and is used as pellet bonding in foreign countries


(e) Water glass industry: it can replace quartz ore to produce water glass with modulus of 4.


(f) , used as cementing in oil fields: Jilin oil field, Liaohe oil field, Karamay oil field, etc

Micro silica powder is used and good effect is obtained.


(g). It is applied in insulation material, waterproof material, paint, coating, printing industry, etc


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